Welcome to the Local Bean…

Coffee Tokoroa is the “Local Bean”, sold and served at good Tokoroa cafes... go downtown and look for the three bright orange umbrellas on Bridge Street. Or visit www.sweetrosecafe.co.nz for more information about Coffee Tokoroa.

Our “Coffee Tokoroa” Mission - "Bringing people together with good coffee"...

Taste our local coffee style, reviving our most preferred blend, from early cafe life in Tokoroa… it’s a retrospective continental taste, a brunch-time bean...a sweet, smooth tasting breakfast to lunch family cup. The "Sweet Rose Espresso” Smooth 60's Coffeehouse Blend... a deliciously smooth coffee from breakfast to lunch.

Taste the Local Bean

Coffee Tokoroa is especially prepared by locally selecting, roasting, and blending, fresh 100% Arabica beans.

You’ll find a welcoming cup at Sweet Rose Café, a locally owned business which is supporting a revival of the buzzing 1960's coffee place, “The Woodlands”, providing a "feel" of that iconic and quirky coffeehouse, encouraging a wonderful local "coffee community" culture, and supporting local arts and music.

Nearly 50 years on, Sweet Rose Café proudly serves our smooth Arabica coffee, in the very same 1960's family shop ...originally owned by the Murvang family.

Petite Mrs Dorynse Murvang was the "box of beans " who freshly brewed her aromatic cups of rich smooth coffee. This lively Swiss established her delicious continental coffeehouse life in downtown Tokoroa... and mixed in some heartland NZ coffee lounge habits.

Our "Sweet Rose Espresso Smooth 60's Coffeehouse Blend”, revives a fun heart-warming time in our town... take a walk down our Coffee Tokoroa memory lane – downtown at Sweet Rose Café, 47 Bridge Street. Visit us at www.sweetrosecafe.co.nz to check our for daily specials, including our “2 for 1” coffee offer!

Our Local Bean Community

While you’re enjoying your Local Bean at the Sweet Rose Espresso view the history of early Tokoroa with "The March of Pine Memorabilia”.

Amongst other things, you’ll find photographs of our pioneer women and men, living their lives across the Tokoroa Plains. And taking a “Smoko Time”, a short rest with usually included a well-earned cuppa to "revive” from their tough pioneer work.

Modern Tokoroa has a 100-year story of great speculative promise. Here, on the high desert central volcanic plateau, entrepreneurs began the transformation of the "Tokoroa Plains” - from the barren yellow rolling tussock lands, to the green march of a hundred million pine trees… the creation of the “Timberlands”.

You can get a glimpse of our journey at www.sweetrosecafe.co.nz -but even better still, visit us at Sweet Rose Café and enjoy a cup of our Local Bean – Coffee Tokoroa.

The Sweet Rose Espresso “Smooth 60s” Coffeehouse Blend is a breakfast to lunch cup served weekdays from 7.00am until 3.00pm. Look out for the three bright orange umbrellas at 47 Bridge St, Tokoroa! You’ll find a map here: www.sweetrosecafe.co.nz

Or contact us at our offices, 203-209 LEITH PLACE, TOKOROA

"Bringing people together with good coffee" with the Local Bean – Coffee Tokoroa